Defense Concepts provides firearms sales, training, E-Gun training, OC defense training, and defensive knife training.

We also sell firearms, ammunition, E-Guns, and OC products. Our philosophy is to not sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, so you can be assured that we will sell you quality gear and supplies.

CURRENTLY offering the NRA CCW Course, and other courses which will meet the Honolulu County training requirement to apply for a License To Carry (LTC) a concealed firearm.

Training will be in the classroom and on the firing range. Course fee will include testing for up to 3 handguns. Additional handguns will be $25 per handgun. Course fee is $250 plus Hawaii G.E.T. Courses can be completed in a single day, or can split the course up over multiple days. Email us at: to schedule your training, we will confirm your course date and provide payment details. Payment in full is required to schedule your course. Please call us at: 808-531-2777 if you have any questions.

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Handguns For Sale!

How to purchase an E-Gun:

Call us at: 808-531-2777 to set up a time to come check out our current inventory.

Ammunition Sales

To order ammunition, send us an email with the following information:

1) Quantity
2) Caliber
3) Bullet Type
4) Contact information

We will verify inventory, then contact you to arrange payment and delivery of your ammunition. If we do not have what you’re looking for, we can check with our various suppliers and provide you with a price quote.

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